Droplets from our breath can float for hours

Droplets of virus can remain suspended in a room for hours, concludes a new study from the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment (FFI)

The institute has assessed how various droplets from our breath spread in the air, and according to the report, larger drops than expected can stay in the air for several hours.

FFI believes this could have an impact on infection control measures and make us better prepared for future pandemics.

  • We need virus-specific data to determine if this is the case or not, but aerosol physics indicates that this is a possibility, according to research leader Anders Helgeland at FFI.

The report was drawn up in light of the corona pandemic, but writes that there is a great deal of uncertainty around the pathway of the corona virus and that more research is needed to conclude whether this virus is transmitted via airborne infection

Read the study here (Only available in Norwegian)